Jeeps Over the Pacific by Yasuo Ohtsuka U.S. Dodge by David Doyle (2 Huge Volumes) #1 Restorer's Bundle - M29 & M29C Studebaker "Weasel" G179
Out of Print - Just a Few Left. Excellent photo essay on the WW2 jeep in the Pacific Theatre.
Limited Quantities - Out of Print - The definitive Dodge military vehicle story by David Doyle.
All the information you need to restore & operate a Studebaker Weasel.
Cover Photograph/Chevrolet G-506 by David Doyle Differential Gear Tooth Patterns & Adjustments - Free Download TigerFibel:  The Original Tiger Tank Manual by Wulf-D.  2nd Edition
The definitive untold story of the Chevrolet, 1 1/2 ton 4x4 truck, aka G506 in WW2. Over 600 pictures, 464 pages, appendices and more.
Guide to understanding gear wear patterns in a differential.
The first authentic English translation of the Original Tiger Tank Manual, "Tigerfibel"
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