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Whether you're operating and maintaining your current vehicle of getting through your first restoration project, you can find all the Technical Manuals (TMs) you need right here!

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TM 9-710 (44)
1944 Edition. Operator & Repair Manual Half-track, White, Autocar, Diamond T (G102), (359 pages)

Our Price: $39.00
Base Shop Data - detailed drawings of each assembly and subassembly. White Scout Car - M3A1 (G67). 512p.

Our Price: $69.00
ORD 9 G102
Complete Illustrated Parts for G102 Halftrack built by White, Autocar, Diamond T. (430 pages)

Our Price: $65.00
ORD 9 G147
Illustrated Parts for International Half-Track, M5, M5A1, M9A1 & M14. G147. 427 Pages.
Service Parts Catalogue for Carrier, Personnel, Half Track, M5 and M5A1 and Car, Half-Track, M9A1 and Carriage, motor, Multiple Gun, M14 built by International harvester Company.

Complete Illustrated Parts. September 1, 1943 Edition.

Format: Softcover, bound
Pages: 428

Our Price: $67.00
LO 9-710
Lubrication Chart, M3, M3A1, Plain Paper, G102, Half Track (White, Autocar & Diamond T).

Our Price: $4.00
TM 9-7018
Operation and Maintenance for M4A3 Sherman Tank

Our Price: $99.00
ORD 9 G166 Illustrated Parts, T16 Universal Carrier
ORD 9 G166 Illustrated Parts, T16 Universal Carrier.

This is the complete, illustrated parts manual for the Ford T16 "Universal Carrier".

Format: Tape bound, 152 pages

Our Price: $35.00
ORD 9 G205 Illustrated Parts Manual (Sherman Tank M4A3)
Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for M29 & M29C Weasel (1953 Edition)

Our Price: $139.00
ORD 9 G212 Illustrated Parts Manual (Sherman Tank M4A2)
Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for M29 & M29C Weasel (1953 Edition)

Our Price: $79.00
TM 11-2721
Radio Installation Manual for M3A1 Half Track, 50 pages

Our Price: $29.00
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