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Change 1 to TM 9-2320-218-10 (M151A2) LO 9-2320-218-12 M151 Lube Order M151 Deep Water Fording Kit
Change [1] to TM 9-2320-218-10.  Covers M151A2.  28 large pages. LO 9-2320-218-12 Lubrication Order for M151 Series 1/4 Ton Truck Preparation of Vehicle for installation of Deep Water Fording Kit.  1961 Edition. 8 pages
M151 Field Maintenance M151 M14 Rifle Kit M151 Pedestal Gun Mount Kit
Field maintenance and installation instructions for fording and winterization.  1961 Edition.  72 pages Installation of M14 Rifle Mounting Kit.  1965 Edition. 10 pages Modificaton of Vehicle to accept Pedestal, Gun Mount M4, Installation.  1963 Edition. 9 pages
M151 Windshield Drain Holes M151 Winterization Kit M151A2 Rollover Protection Kit
Drilling Drain Holes in Winshield Frame. 4 pages Modification of Vehicle to Allow Installation of Winterization Kits (-25 & -65 Heater Kits and Hardtop Clsoure Kit).  1961 Edition w/Change 1. 18 pages. Insallation of Rollover Protection on M151A2.  56 pages
M151A2 Troubleshooting PS Magazine:  How to Be Your Own M151 Inspector TB 9-2320-218-10-1: M151 Safe Operation
Starting System Troubleshooting M151A2 Be Your Own Inspector for the M151.  From PS magazine. M151 Safe Operation.  1974 Edition. 2 pages
TM 11-2300-351-15-5 Covers Installation of AN/VRC-47 into M151/M151A1 TM 9-2320-218-10 M151 Operator Manual (1968 Edition) TM 9-2320-218-10 M151 Operator Manual (1983 Edition)
Installation of Radio Set AN/VRC-47 Installation Unit in Truck, Utility, 1/4 Ton, 4x4, M151 or M151A1.  Dated February 15, 1967.  10 pages. M151 Operator's Manual. Covers all models through 1968. TM 9-2320-218-10-83 Operator's Manual.  1983 Edition.  Small Format
TM 9-2320-218-20 Maintenance Manual for M151 "Mutt" (1971 Edition) TM 9-2320-218-20-1-1  M151A2 Maintenance Manual TM 9-2320-218-20P  Illustrated Parts Manual for M151
TM 9-2320-218-20 Maintenance and repair manual for the M151 and M151A1.  1971 edition, 335 pages TM 9-2320-218-20-1-1Maintenance Manual for the M151A2 only.  Two large volumes.  1982 Edition TM 9-2320-218-20P Illustrated Parts Manual for M151 & M151A1. 1972 Edition
TM 9-2320-218-20P Illustrated Parts Manual for M151 (1988) TM 9-2320-218-34 Rebuild Manual for M151 TM 9-2320-218-34-1  Rebuild Manual for M151A2
TM 9-2320-218-20P Illustrated Parts Manual for M151, M151A1 & M151A2 1988 Edition.
TM 9-2320-218-34 Rebuild manual for M151. 1972 Edition TM 9-2320-218-34-1  Rebuild Manual for M151A2. 1982 Edition.
TM 9-2320-218-34P Illustrated Parts Manual for M151 TM 9-2320-218-34P M151 Rebuild Parts Manual (1988 Edition, all Models) TM 9-2320-218-ESC Equipment Serviceability Criteria for M151/M718
TM 9-2320-218-34P Illustrated Parts Manual for M151.  1978 Edition TM 9-2320-218-34P-88 Rebuild parts manual for M151, 1988 edition, all models TM 9-2320-218-ESC Equipment Serviceability Criteria, M151 & M718 Ambulance
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