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You'll find a selection of commercial books on amphibious vehicles here. And if you've got one of your own that you'd like to restore or keep running, be sure to check-out our Amphibious Technical Manuals (TMs) for everything you need.
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The GMC 6x6 and DUKW, a Universal Truck Studebaker: Driving Controls & Operation of M29 Weasel Studebaker M29 Weasel by Jeff Woods - ISO Military Vehicle Series
Nifty little pamphlet prepared by Studebaker for operator's of their famous WWII "Weasel" Long Out of Print & Limited Quantities!

Excellent brief history of the development of the M29 Weasel.

48 pages
The Complete DUKW by David Doyle Amphibious Jeeps in Detail: Ford GPA, GAZ-46 MAV & SKODA 973, by Frantisek Koran Military & Civilian Amphibians 1940-1990, compiled by RM Clarke
Massive reference book on the GMC 6x6 amphibious truck (DUKW) of WW2 Information on Ford’s amphibious WWII GPA and the Soviet copy, the GAS-46MAV Great survey of amphibious vehicles over the last 75 years.
WW2 DUKW Amphibian, Tankograd TM Tankograd No. 6020 US WWII Studebaker M29 & M29C Weasel Tankograd TM No. 3016 LVTP7 AAVP7A1
Tankograd Technical Manual Series No. 6003 Tankograd Technical Manual Series No. 6020 Tankograd American Special Series No. 3016