The Weasel

We are fans of every one of these vehicles, but the Studebaker Weasel is a particular favorite.

The WeaselThe development of the Weasel ("Project Plough") in 1942 is a wonderful tale of an eccentric Brit named Geoffrey Pyke (Google "pykrete"), designer Palmer Putnam, Studebaker President Ray Cole, Lt. Colonel Robert T. Frederick of the US Army and super human efforts by Studebaker engineers and workers to go from prototype to production in less than 6 months.

Weasel's were originally designed to be air dropped into Norway to carry the specially trained First Special Force (forerunner of the US Special Forces) over several hundred miles of frozen, mountainous terrain and then destroy heavy water factories and help prevent the Germans from developing nuclear weapons.

The mission was ultimately scrubbed, but not before the Weasel was designed and put into production. The vehicle was well received and went on to be used in a variety of roles across both the European and Pacific theaters.

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