Army Vehicle Identification Numbers, 4th Edition by Dennis Spence TigerFibel:  The Original Tiger Tank Manual.  2nd Edition U.S. Dodge by David Doyle (Boxed Set: 2 Huge Volumes)
This manual gives you the key to the "G" kingdom. The only authentic English translation of "Tigerfibel" - the Tiger I field manual. Unorthodox, burlesque and fascinating!
Limited Quantities - Out of Print - The definitive Dodge military vehicle story by David Doyle.
All-American Wonder Volume 3 Son of Sherman by Patrick Stansell U.S. Army Uniforms of WW2 by Stanton
Photos, photos and more photos of jeeps!
Probably the best recent reference on the WW2 Sherman tank.
Nice reference on WW2 uniforms. Excellent photographs.
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