#1 Restorer's Bundle - M29 & M29C Studebaker "Weasel" G179 Army Vehicle Identification Numbers, 4th Edition by Dennis Spence All-American Wonder Volume 2
All the information you need to restore & operate a Studebaker Weasel.
This manual gives you the key to the "G" kingdom. More detail on "America's only true sports car", the WW2 "jeep".
ORD 9 G179 Weasel Parts Manual (Studebaker M29 & M29C) All-American Wonder Volume 3 TM 10-1206, Change 6, Feb 1., 1942 Illustrated Parts Manual for Willys MB
Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for M29 & M29C Weasel (1953 Edition) Photos, photos and more photos of jeeps!
"Factory Class Repro" - marked on the back so no one mistakes it for an original ;-)
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