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All-American Wonder Volume 2 Portrayal Press T-Shirt Military & Civilian Amphibians 1940-1990, compiled by RM Clarke
More detail on "America's only true sports car", the WW2 "jeep".
100% cotton, '43 Studebaker Weasel- what more do ya need?
Great survey of amphibious vehicles over the last 75 years.
B-17 Pilot Training Manual by Headquarters, Army Air Force, Office of Flying Safety Jeep, Jeep, Jeep No. 2 by Yasuo Ohtsuka All-American Wonder Volume 1
Fascinating look at flying the B-17 and training in WW2.
New reprint of the timeless classic by Yasuo Ohtsuka.
The granddaddy of all WW2 Jeep books. A must have!
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