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ORD 789 G523 Illustrated Parts Guide Harley WLA The Motorcycle TM 9-1879
The Motorcycle
Price: $19.99
This is the iIllustrated parts guide for the WWII Harley-Davidson WLA. Excellent photographs and drawings of most assemblies and a complete listing of all of the parts used on the WWII Harley. September 1944 Edition. The manual given to motorcyclist trainees as they learned to operate their Harley WLA's or Indian 741's for wartime service Overhaul and rebuild manual for the WWII Harley WLA.
TM 9-879 WLA Assembly Manual
WLA Assembly Manual
Price: $12.99
Operation and maintenance manual for the WWII Harley WLA This is a pamphlet put together by the U.S. Army in WWII to help its overseas mechanics reassemble crated Harley-Davidson WLA's. If you are a collector who has ever dreamed of finding a "crated" treasure, this little booklet is going to get your heart beating.