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Manual Cover TM 9-1804A Rebuild Manual for M38 Engine and Clutch (G740) TM 9-1803A Engine Rebuild Manual for G503 (MB/GPW)
Describes interchangeability of various power train components across trucks including axle shafts, differentials, transfer cases, transmissions and engines. Includes important information of hard to find topics including correcting speedometer readings following conversion. Great reference.
TM 9-1804A Rebuild Manual for Engine & Clutch, M38,

Official US Army technical manual to rebuild engine & clutch of M38 jeep motor.

140 pages, softbound
TM 9-1803A Engine rebuild manual for G503. This is a step-by-step process for rebuilding a jeep motor. Includes required tools, torque specs and everything you will need to know to rebuild your WW2 jeep motor.

Includes important change that covers an error in the original manual regarding the direction of connecting rod cap installation. Whether you purchase the manual or not, be sure to research correct piston connecting rod installation or risk ruining your new rebuild.

High quality, bound reprint. 77 pages
TM 9-1751 Rebuild Manual for Continental Radial R975-C1 TM 9-1725 Rebuild Manual for Continental Radial R975-C4 TM 9-2805-212-35P
TM 9-2805-212-35P
Price: $33.99
Official US Army rebuild manual for R975-C4
Official US Army rebuild manual for R975-C4
TM 9-2805-212-35P Illustrated Parts Manual
TM 9-1711 White, 160AX Engine for Half-Tracks (G102 Half Track) TM 5-5167 Continental AOS-895-3 Maintenance & Overhaul Manual
TM 5-5167
Price: $39.00
TM 9-1711 Rebuild Manual for White, 160AX Engine used in Half-Track Vehicles made by White, Autocar & Diamond T.

Complete instructions for rebuilding your Half Track engine.

January 26, 1942

307 Pages

Format: Softcover
TM 5-5167 Engine Gasoline, Hercules Models JXC and JXD used in M59 and other vehicles.

Digitally enhanced.

Operating instructions including controls and instruments, operations under normal conditions and unusual conditions.

Chapters 3 & 4 include maintenance instructions covering everything from routine maintenance to complete rebuild of the motor and all accessories.

Format: Tape bound
Pages: 314
Maintenance and Overhaul Manual for Continental Engine Model AOS-895-3 Six Cylinder, Horizontally Opposed, Air Cooled, Supercharged Motor.

Format: Softbound, 211 pages.
Dated: July 1951
TM 9-2815-210-34 Rebuild: Engine Models LD465, LDS465 (1981 Edition)
TM 9-2815-210-34 Rebuild Manual: Multifuel Motor: LD465 & LDS465

Comprehensive rebuild manual for LDS465 series of multi-fuel motors found in numerous military vehicles including the G744 series, M54 of 5 ton trucks.

1250 pages