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You'll find a wide selection on the Jeep here, including books with a focus on the military and the civilian Jeep. And if you've got one you'd like to restore or keep running, be sure to check-out our Jeep Technical Manuals (TMs) for everything you need.
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#1 Restorer's Tech Library Bundle - WW2 G503 Jeep 1/4 Ton M151 "Mutt" by Peeters.  Warmachines No. 14 "Military Photo File" M151 All American Wonder Bundle - WW2 G503 Jeep
Just add ambition! Everything you need to know about the MB/GPW/G503 Jeep.
1/4 Ton M151 "Mutt" by Peeters. Color photo album.

24 pages
Comprehensive technical and reference library to operate and restore an MB/GPW/G503 Jeep. Everything you need except ambition!
All-American Wonder Volume 1 All-American Wonder Volume 1 All-American Wonder Volume 3
The granddaddies of all WW2 Jeep books. A must have and you save by buying Vol 1 & 2!
The granddaddy of all WW2 Jeep books. A must have!
Photos, photos and more photos of jeeps!
All-American Wonder Volume 2 British Airborne Jeeps Modifications & Markings 1942-1945 by Monica Baan Classic Jeeps:  The Jeep From World War II to the Present Day by John Carroll
More detail on "America's only true sports car", the WW2 "jeep".
Chock-full of great detail and diagrams on the Airborne Jeep. Quality color photography - restored jeeps, modified jeeps and more
Der Jeep by M. Clayton Essential Military Jeep by Graham Scott Parts List CJ-3B
Very nice history of the Jeep Well written and presented history of the WW2 jeep.
Owner's manual for the CJ2A
GPW Restoration Standards by Mike Wright Hail to the Jeep by A. Wade Wells Illustrated Jeep Buyers Guide by Peter C. Sessler
GPW Restoration Standards by Mike Wright.

Finally! A comprehensive guide to restoring the Ford GPW as it left the factory during WW2. This book reflects the combined efforts of a global "brain trust" of jeep experts who have spent years researching the exact parts that belong on a correctly restored GPW. From the VEP ("very early production" jeeps with Midland Frames and Wilson Blocks to the last ACMII equipped variants, this book will help you restore your GPW right.

Although this book is focused on the GPW, it is very helpful for anyone restoring any WW2 jeep - whether that be a factory class Willys MB or a motorpool special.

The granddaddy of WWII Jeep history books, originally printed in 1946
Photos from WWII Jeep through 1987 Wagoneer