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Bundle - M274 / A1 Mule Bundle - M274A2 through A5 Mule CH 213-34-All Rebuild Supplement
One click away from a complete technical library for the M274A & A1 Mule Exactly what you need to operate, restore and maintain the M274A2 through A5 Mule All Changes to TM 9-2320-213-34.  76 pages.
CH 500-20 Repair Supplement Changes to 9-7101-35 Rebuild Manual Cletrac MG-1/Medium M2 Illustrated Parts Manual
Change from TM 9-1450-500-20, including oversize wiring diagrams Changes for the Rebuild Manual for AO4-53 (Willys 4-cylinder) in M274 & M274A1 Factory Cletrac Crawler Tractors Parts Book for Cletrack "MG-1" built for US War Department & U.S Army Air Corps, Ordnance Model - Medum M2.

184 pages.
Cletrac Operators Instruction Bool for Cletrac Model MG1/M2 Current Vehicle Markings (U.S. Army) FM 10-536 Air Drop of Mule
Factory Operators Instruction Book for Cletrac Model MG1 built for the US War Department and US Army Air Corps by The Cleveland Tractor Company.

Nice pictures.

43 pages, tapebound.
Color marking and camouflage painting of military vehicles, construction equipment and materials handling equipment - abridged edition Organizational Maintenance for Truck, Platform Utility, 1/2 Ton, 4x4 (Mule M274A2-A5), dated July, 1967
Ford Maintenance Manual Ford Sedan Body Parts Ford Service Requirements
Maintenance Manual, Ford 1932-1948. 64 pages Body Parts Listing for Ford sedans built U.S. government. 20 pages Service Requirements (V8) including Ford built Army Staff Cars. 59 pages
Ford Standard Parts Catalog LO 9-1450-500-12-2 Lube Order LO 9-2320-213-12 Lube Order
Ford Standard Parts Catalog.  Covers all types of Ford vehicles (military & civilian).  Illustrated directory of bolts, nuts, washers, fastners. 1948 edition. 53 pages. Lubrication Order for Loader-Transporter Hawk Guided Missle XM501E2 & E3. 2 pages Lubrication Order for M274 & M274A1 (Willy's 4 cylinder engine)
LO 9-2320-246-12 Lube Order M5 High Speed Tractor Bundle (G162) Markings of Vehicles:  U.S. Defense Department
Lubrication Order for M274 "Mule" High speed tractors....learn to operate and maintain them correctly! This is the reference library you need!
Includes markings for USMC, USAF, US Navy
Meet the LVT-(3) "The Bushmaster" US Marine Corps Technical Publication No. 7 Operation, Inspection and Maintenance of Steam Locomotives ORD 7-A-42 Cart, Hand, Spare Parts Manual
Meet the LVT-(3) "The Bushmaster" US Marine Corps Technical Publication No. 7

This is a neat little manual covering the LVT-3 Bushmaster of WW2. 36 pages, well illustrated, with driving instructions and basic maintenance.

36 pages
Reprint of the U.S. Army 1957 manual on steam locomotives. Excellent resource on the operation and maintenance of steam locomotives. Organizational Spare Parts & Equipment for M3A4, M4A1, M5A1, M6A1.  1945 edition.  8 pages.
ORD 789 G194, 195 Illustrated Parts for Snow Tractor M7 and 1-Ton Snow Trailer M19 (G194/195) ORD 789 G209 Illustrated Parts for LVT4 ORD 789 G518 Illustrated Parts
ORD 789 G209 Illustrated Parts for LVT4
List Price: $99.00
Price: $99.00
ORD789 G194, 195 Standard Nomenclature List for Snow Tractor M7 and 1-Ton Snow Trailer M19 (G194/195)

Complete Illustrated Parts Listing for the Allis Chalmers M7 "Snow Tractor" and the related "Snow Trailer".

Date: August 1, 1944
Pages: 360
ORD 789 G209 Complete Illustrated Parts for G209, LVT4.

This is the famed Landing Vehicle, Tracked of WW2.

Format: Stapled & Tape bound, like originals
Pages: 464
Illustrated Parts Catalog, Trailer, 1 Ton Payload, 2 Wheel, Cargo & Ammunition (G518) (131 pages)
ORD 789 G683 Illustrated Parts Manual, Cushman Airborne Scooter ORD 9 G150 Illustrated Parts Manual for M4 High Speed Tractor (G150). ORD 9 G162 Illustrated Parts Manual for M5 High Speed Tractor (G162).
ORD 789 G683 Illustrated Parts Manual, Cushman Airborne Scooter

Official US Army illustrated parts manual for the Cushman Airborne Scooter of WW2. Model 53

89 pages
ORD 9 G150 Complete Illustrated Parts Listing for M4 High Speed Tractor, built by Allis-Chalmers. 565 pages.
ORD 9 G162 Complete Illustrated Parts Listing for M5 High Speed Tractor, built by International Harvester. 648 pages.
ORD 9 G166, Universal Carrier Parts Manual ORD 9 G518 Illustrated Parts for 1 Ton "Ben Hur" Trailer of WW2 ORD 9-A-42 Cart, Hand, Parts Manual
ORD 9 G166 Illustrated Parts, T16 Universal Carrier.

This is the complete, illustrated parts manual for the Ford T16 "Universal Carrier".

Format: Tape bound, 152 pages
Ord 9 G518 Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for 1 Ton "Ben Hur" Cargo Trailer (all manufacturers).

Great companion to TM 9-883 and/or the earlier TM 10-1471 Ben Hur Maintenance Manuals

February 1953 Edition

47 pages, tape bound
Illustrated Parts Manual, Cart, Hand.  Models M3A4, M4A1 and M6A1.  Also includes general maintenance information. 36 pages.
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