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U.S. Dodge by David Doyle (Boxed Set: 2 Huge Volumes) TM 10-1207 Maintenance Manual for Willys MB Image of Studebaker US6 by David Doyle
Limited Quantities - Out of Print - The definitive Dodge military vehicle story by David Doyle.
Factory Class Reproduction Slat Grill Manual
The best reference ever on the Studebaker US6 plus an awesome reproduction of the operator's manual....you are cool.
QM 6 #1 Restorer's Bundle - M561 Gama Goat TigerFibel:  The Original Tiger Tank Manual.  2nd Edition
Rare Quartermaster Catalog 6, including tool kits, chests and more.
Everything you need to operate, maintain and restore the weirdly charming Gamma Goat. Hearing protection is recommended, but not provided.
The only authentic English translation of "Tigerfibel" - the Tiger I field manual. Unorthodox, burlesque and fascinating!
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