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Military & Civilian Amphibians 1940-1990, compiled by RM Clarke TM 9-803 FM 9-207 Operations and Maintenance of Ordnance Materiel in Cold Weather - March 1998
Great survey of amphibious vehicles over the last 75 years.
An Official War Department NOS Original Operator Manual for G503, WWII Jeep (Ford GPW & Willys MB) Limited Stock
Great reference if you operate in extremely cold climates - vehicles, personnel, other equipment.
Jeeps Over the Pacific by Yasuo Ohtsuka Free Download - Differential Gear Tooth Patterns & Adjustments Portrayal Press T-Shirt
Out of Print - Less than 10 copies left... Excellent photo essay on the WW2 jeep in the Pacific Theatre.
Free Guide to understanding gear wear patterns in a differential.
100% cotton, OD, '43 GPW - what more do ya need?
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