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#1 Restoration Bundle Dodge 3/4 Ton WW2 (G502) All-American Wonder Volume 1 Cover Photograph/Chevrolet G-506 by David Doyle
Complete Technical Library for Dodge 3/4 Ton, 4x4 Truck (all variants) of WW2 (G502)
The granddaddies of all WW2 Jeep books. A must have and you save by buying Vol 1 & 2!
The definitive untold story of the Chevrolet, 1 1/2 ton 4x4 truck, aka G506 in WW2. Over 600 pictures, 464 pages, appendices and more.
All American Wonder Bundle - WW2 G503 Jeep Super Bundle - Chevrolet G-506 1 1/2 Ton Truck (G506) Portrayal Press T-Shirt
Comprehensive technical and reference library to operate and restore an MB/GPW/G503 Jeep. Everything you need except ambition!
All the manuals plus the definitive reference book on the G506 at a great price with free US Shipping. Makes us smile too!
100% cotton, '43 Studebaker Weasel- what more do ya need?
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