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Bundle - G102 Half-Tracks (White, Autocar, Diamond T, etc.)
Bundle - G102 Half-Tracks (White, Autocar, Diamond T, etc.)

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Knowledge is power. Equip yourself with a complete technical library on the G102 Halftrack of WW2. This bundle covers all varieties M2,M3, M16 etc. except the International Harvester (G147) built vehicles (bundle found here). We have combined everything you need into one value bundle.

The G102 Bundle includes the following:

  • TM 9-710 (1944 WW2 Edition covering all variants) Operator & Repair Manual (358 pages/$49)
  • TM 9-1710A Rebuild, Power Train (Axles, Transmission and Propellor Shaft) (191 pages/$25)
  • TM 9-1711 Engine Overhaul Manual (311 pages/$35) Body & Chassis
  • TM 9-1710C (309 pages/$35)
  • ORD 9 G102 Complete Illustrated Parts (430 pages/$49)
  • LO 9-710, Lubrication Order ($5)
  • TM 9-1826B Rebuild Manual Stromberg Carburetor ($29)
Over $227 if purchased individually.

We also built a Half Track Expert Bundle that includes both volumes of David Doyle's Excellent Half Track Series. Check it out
From the US Veterans Memorial Museum