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All American Wonder Bundle - WW2 G503 Jeep
All American Wonder Bundle - WW2 G503 Jeep

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This is everything you need to go from "newbie" to "veteran" on the G503 WW2 jeep. All of the G.I. tech manuals from WW2 plus a bunch of extras. We specifically recommend All American Wonder Vol 1 and Vol 2 as the absolutely best place to get oriented on the history and what you need to know to buy, restore and operate a WW2 jeep.

All you need is a bit of cash and a bunch of ambition!

Includes nicely bound copies of:
  • Complete WW2 Military Jeep ($30 value)
    • Operator and Maintenance - TM 9-803
    • Engine Rebuild - TM 9-1803A
    • Power Trail, Body, and Frame Rebuild - TM 9-1803B
    • Carter Carburetor Rebuild - TM 9-1826A
  • Illustrated Parts Manual ORD 9-G503 ($45 value)
  • Lubrication Order LO 9-803 ($5 value)
  • Unpacking Instructions for Jeep in a Crate ($5 value)
  • Military Markings WW2 ($15 value)
  • WW2 Jeep Portfolio by T. Richards ($19 value)
  • Willys/Carter WO 539S Carburetor Overhaul Instructions ($5 value)
  • All American Wonder Vol 1 & 2 - the best starting place for learning about the WW2 jeep! ($60 value)

    PS: No jeep included with purchase.
$184 if purchased separately - SAVE 20% w/Free Shipping.