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The M1 Garand by Tom Laemlein, The American Firepower Series
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The M1 Garand by Tom Laemlein, The American Firepower Series

A photo study of John Garand's legendary semi-automatic 30-06 caliber rifle in service with U.S. forces from its introduction thru the end of the Korean War. This is not a written history of the M1 Garand, but rather uses many never before seen photographs to tell the story of the M1's use by U.S. soldiers and our allies.

Over 100 photographs of this iconic firearm in the field with U.S. soldiers - training nurses in Australia during WW2, Marines in Tarawa, snipers and spotters in Germany, soldiers in Waegwan and more. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Mr. Laemlein's work transports the reader back in time to the battlefields and the daily experience of the American soldier. The more you study, the more you see. A treasure trove of information for the historian, collector or anyone interested in this iconic U.S. military firearm.

This book is part of the American Firepower Series - approximately 12 titles featuring the most important military firearms used by U.S. Forces from WWI to present. Collect them all.

Hardbound, 96 pages