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The Complete WW2 Military Jeep
The WW2 Military Jeep Complete

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The Complete WW2 Military Jeep Manual!

We receive so many calls asking about what WW2 jeep manual to buy that we decided to make a great all purpose manual for WW2 jeep owners. Our manual combines the best and most complete manuals on the WW2 jeep into one, high quality, bound and affordable package.

We are having supply issues with the lay-flat so they are not currently available. We will update the website as soon as we know more.

We start with TM 9-803, the U.S. Army Operator & Maintenance manual for the G503. This manual covers controls, lubrication and maintenance. We also added the very important Change 1 from February 22, 1944, which includes 51 pages of important information often omitted by other vendors.

We added, TM 9-1803A, which is the Engine Re-build Manual for the Go-Devil engine. This 77 page manual covers all aspects of rebuilding the engine.

We then added an excerpt from TM 9-1826A, which is U.S. Army manual for rebuilding all Carter carburetors. We included the Sections on the WO-539S which is the only correct carburetor for the WW2 jeep. Our version includes foldouts with excellent pictures and diagrams to help you rebuild your jeep carburetor.

Finally, we added TM 9-1803B, Power Train, Body, and Frame, which covers the rebuild of the rest of the jeep. Dated April 1944. Includes Change 1 from 1947.

544 pages of G503 bliss. Get your copy today!

There are other copies of this book being made available - make sure you check for dates and changes because not all editions are complete. Caveat Emptor!
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