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Whether you're operating and maintaining your current vehicle of getting through your first restoration project, you can find all the Technical Manuals (TMs) you need right here!
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#1 Restorer's Information Bundle - WW2 G503 Jeep Arc Welder Kit for G503.  Installation manual for MB/GPW.  20 pages. Carter Carburetor Service Manual 539S (GPW / MB)
Comprehensive technical library to operate and restore an MB/GPW/G503 Jeep. Everything you need except ambition!
Complete carburetor service manual excerpted from TM 9-1826A. Covers 539S used exclusively in WW2 jeeps (both GPW & MB) 39 pages.
Changes TM 9-1803A GPW / MB Changes to TM 9-803 for G503/MB/GPW Deep Water Fording Equipment for Willys MB
Change one to TM 9-1803A. Supplement.  2 pages. Change One to TM 9-803.  Supplement.  High quality reprint.  51 pages. Kit MX-735/MR from U.S. Navy. 15 pages.
Ford Master Parts List GPW / MB  Time Schedule Guide for Repairs GPW / MB Organizational Spare Parts & Equipment Manual
Master Parts List by Ford. Covers passenger cars & trucks built by Ford for U.S. Army in WWII, including GPW, GPA, 1 1/2-ton trucks, etc. Technical Bulletin re: Time Schedule Guide for Repairs.  (Estimated time allowance for completing repairs).  19 pages Organizational Spare Parts & Equipment Manual.  1943 (2 editions).  35 pages
LO 9-803 Lubrication Order for G503 (MB & GPW) LO 9-803 Lubrication Order for G503 (MB & GPW) (Underhood Metal Clad) Mounting & Use Instructions for 12v PTO Generating System for Radio Jeep (GPW & MB)
Lubrication Order for G503.  Varnished on heavy stock just like the original. Lubrication Order for G503. Metal clad for installation under hood.
12 Volt Generating System (PTO Driven) for G503.  Published by Willys & U.S. Army.  4 pages
ORD 7 G503 Operational Maintenance Allowances for MB/GPW (1951) ORD 7 G503 Spare Parts and Equipment Listing for MB & GPW (1944) ORD 789 G503 Illustrated Parts for Willys MB & Ford GPW (1944)
June, 1951 edition. Final edition for G503. 99 pages. Organizational spare parts and equipment for G503. 1944 edition. 16 pages The most complete and informative wartime Jeep parts book and the ONLY WWII Jeep parts book equal to the comprehensive ORD 7 & ORD 9 — all in one volume
ORD 8 G503 Spare Parts & Equipment Lists GPW/MB (1944) ORD 8 G503 Spare Parts and Equipment Listing for MB/GPW (1951) ORD 9 G503 Illustrated Parts for MB/GPW (1945 Edition)
Complete list of spare parts & equipment for G503.  1944 edition.  140 pages. Complete list of Parts with revised part numbers.  1951 Edition.  299 pages ORD 9 G503 Complete Illustrated Parts for G503. This is the last wartime edition, printed in 1945.

Format: Softcover, 283 pages
ORD 9 G503 Illustrated Parts Manual MB/GPW (1949) ORD 9 G503 Illustrated Parts Manual MB/GPW (1949) - Mechanic's Special (2nd Copy for $6)) Portrayal Press T-Shirt
ORD 9 G503 Illustrated Parts for G503 WWII Jeep.

Digitally enhanced, professionally printed and bound.

1949 Edition. This is the last version with final parts numbers.

330 pages.
One for the shop & one for your bedside!
100% cotton, OD, '43 GPW - what more do ya need?
Special Canadian Foreword to TM 10-1207 (Willys MB).  5 pages Special Mechanics Manual on Willys "Go-Devil" flathead engine. Special Supplement on 6x6 Willys MB "Tug", 1943 Edition
Special Canadian Foreward to TM 10-1207 (Willys MB).  5 pages Willys Publication that covers working on the L-134 Flat Head Engine found in numerous applications including the WW2 G503 "jeep", the PE-95 generator and more.

20 pages.
Special Supplement on the rare 6x6 tug version of the Willys MB, 1943 Edition.

16 pages
The WW2 Military Jeep Complete The Military Jeep Complete TM 10-1186 Willys Master Parts List (MA, MB & MBT)
Our manual combines the best and most complete manuals on the WW2 jeep into
one, high quality, bound and affordable package.
Rare compilation of the complete set of manuals for the WWII military jeep (MB/GPW) in one great package TM 10-1186 Master Parts List for Willys MA, MB & 1/4 Ton Trailer. Nice repro!
TM 10-1206 Illustrated Parts Manual for Willys MB (G503) TM 10-1206, Change 6, Feb 1., 1942 Illustrated Parts Manual for Willys MB TM 10-1207 Maintenance Manual Change #3 for Willys MB
Factory Class Reproduction of early Slat Grill manual
"Factory Class Repro" - marked on the back so no one mistakes it for an original ;-)
Maintenance Manual for Willys MB. Published by Willys Motor Company. Change No. 3 dated December. 1, 1941.
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