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#1 Restorer's Manual Bundle - M37
#1 Restorer's Manual Bundle - M37

Price: $139.00

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We put together the best manuals & editions for a comprehensive technical library for each vehicle. If you have a "special" (early, late, Canadian, etc.) version of the M37, give a call and we can substitute accordingly.

The M37 Bundle includes the following:
  • Operator and Repair Manual TM 9-8030 ($40 value)
  • Parts Manual ORD 9-G741 ($60 value)
  • Lubrication Order LO 9-2320-212-12 ($5 value)
  • Engine and Clutch Manual TM 9-1840A ($24 value)
  • Power Train, Body and Frame Manual TM 9-8031-2 ($47 value)
That's a $176.00 value if purchased separately!