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#1 Restorer's Manual Bundle - M37 CDN OM9-840 Operator Manual, Canadian CH 8030 Operator Supplement for M37 (G741)
What you need to own, operate & restore a Dodge M37
Operator's Manual for Dodge M37, M42CDN & M43CDN.  Canadian Manual different from U.S. Army TM's. Change to TM 9-8030 Operator Manual
CH 8031-2 Power Trail, Body & Frame Supplement CH 9-2520-232-35 Transmission Supplement EX 8031-2 Rear Axle / Differential Manual Extract
Supplement/Change to TM 9-8031-2.  23 pages Supplement to TM 9-2520-232-35.

Includes important changes to technical manual covering M37 transmission through October 1965.

10 pages
Rear Axle/Differential Assembly Dodge M37.  Extract from TM 9-8031-2. 23 pages
EX ETW Carburetor Service EX ETW-GOV Carburetor and Governor Service Hard Top Enclosure Installation
M37 Carburetor Service: Excerpt from TM 9-1826A Excerpt on Carburetor and Governor Instructions for Installation of Hard Top Closure for Dodge M37 (G741). Typewritten instructions with some drawings and images. Legible, but second generation document.

5 pages.
LO 9-2320-212-12 Lube Order M38A1 A-Frame Installation MWO G741-W7 Spare Wheel Carrier (M37 G741)
Lubrication Order for M37 (G741), laminated. Technical Bulletin covering A-frame Installation, illustrated. 17 pages MWO ORD G741-W7 3/4 Ton 4x4 Cargo Truck M37: Relocating Spare Wheel Carrier

Instructions for installing a "swing-type spare wheel carrier integral with the cab left door."

13 pages.
ORD 7-G741-52 Basic Parts and Tools Manual for Dodge M37 (G741) ORD 9-G741 Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for Dodge M37 Series (G741) PS G741 Preventative Maintenance for Dodge M37 Series (G741)
Basic Parts for Dodge M37 (G741) w/tools.  116 pages Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for Dodge M37 Series of 4x4 Trucks. (G741)

Scanned, digitally enhanced, professionally printed and bound.

507 pages, softbound
Article from the US Army PS Magazine on Preventative Maintenance for Dodge M37, M37B1, 36 pages
TB 9-1859-2 Time Schedule Guide for Repairs TB 9-2320-212-20-1 Transmissions TB 9-2320-212-20-2 Battery Replacement
Time Schedule Guide for M37 (G741) Technical Bulletin covering basic differences between Dodge M37 transmissions. 1959. 2 pages Replacement of 45 amp/hr batteries w/100 amp/hr batteries.

6 pages
TB 9-2320-212-20-3 Tire Pressure TB 9-2855-45 Hot Water Personnel Heater TB 9-2855-5 Gasoline Personnel Heater
Tire Pressure Information for M37. 1 page Hot Water Personnel Heater for Dodge M37 (G741).  17 pages Gasoline Personnel Heater (South Wind). 38 pages.
TB 9-2855-6 Power Plant Heater for Dodge M37 (G741) TB 9-4940-330-30 Field Maintenance Manual Cover
Power Plant Heater for Dodge M37 (G741). 44 pages. Shop Set, Contact & Emergency Repair, Field Maintenance M37. 5 pages Describes interchangeability of various power train components across trucks including axle shafts, differentials, transfer cases, transmissions and engines. Includes important information of hard to find topics including correcting speedometer readings following conversion. Great reference.
TM 9-1840A Engine & Clutch Manual for Dodge M37 Series (G741) TM 9-1840C: Dodge M37 3/4 Ton History by John H. Zentmyer TM 9-2320-212-10 Operator Manual
TM 9-1840A Rebuild: Engine & Clutch, G741, Dodge M37 Series 3/4 Ton Truck.

This manual covers engine related troubleshooting, maintenance and rebuild.

Detailed instructions on engine rebuild, including all machining specifications. Also includes detail on rebuilding oil and water pumps, throttle linkage, oil filter and related assembly. Finally, includes detail on engine assembly, installation of accessories, run in procedures and final installation.

134 pages, soft bound.
Facts, figures, photos, serial numbers, 1949-1968. U.S. and Canadian Dodge M37. Operator's Manual for Dodge M37 (G741). This is the genuine article, NOS, November 30, 1973 printing.

They are in generally excellent condition.

If you want a "new" manual to go with your factory class Dodge M37 / G741 restoration, this is a great opportunity. Quantities are very limited.

Format: Softcover, 77 pages.
TM 9-2320-212-20 Maintenance Manual TM 9-2320-212-20P Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts for Dodge M37 (G741) TM 9-2320-212-34P Parts Manual
Basic maintenance, G741, Dodge M37 Series 3/4 Ton Truck Basic illustrated parts guide for G741, Dodge M37 Series 3/4 Ton Truck. Dated March 1972.

Softbound, original
208 pages.
TM 9-2320-212-34P Illustrated Parts Manual for M37 and variants - this manual is used in conjunction with TM 9-2320-212-34, the "Depot" rebuild manual for the M37.

For a comprehensive, illustrate parts manual for the M37, see ORD 9 G741.

May be original or reproduction. Originals may have some staining, but all pages are legible. If you have a preference, please not in the Notes section when you checkout.

300 pages, softbound
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