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Service Requirements for Ford GP dated 1941.  52 pages TM 10-1100 Complete Illustrated Parts Manual (Ford GP) TM 10-1101 Operator & Maintenance for Ford GP
Complete Illustrated Parts for Ford GP!
Ford's guide to the operation and maintenance of their limited production vehicle, the GP
TM 10-1102 Illustrated Parts Manual (Willys MA) TM 10-1103 Operator & Maintenance for Willys MA TM 10-1204 Illustrated Parts Manual (Bantam BRC)
TM 10-1102 Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for the Willys MA. This is a nicely reprinted version of the official Willys illustrated parts manual for the MA.

Stapled and tape bound, just like the original.
Operator & Maintenance for the pre-standardized jeep, Willys MA, 1/4 ton 4X4 truck. This is bound reproduction of the original Willy's MA operator manual. Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for the Bantam BRC - Bantam's entry in the competition for a four wheel drive reconnaissance vehicle. These prototype vehicles are often referred to as "pre-standardized jeeps". The "standardized" jeep is the WW2 G503 Willys (and Ford built) MB & GPW.

Tape bound, just like the original.

95 pages
TM 10-1205 Operator & Maintenance Bantam BRC TM Bundle: Pre-Standardized Jeep
Operation and maintenance for the Bantam BRC. Bantam came up with the basic design for the Jeep, but Willys got most of the credit.
Bantam, Ford & Willys competed for the contract to produce what become known as the "Jeep". Tech and parts manual bundle for their submissions. Super cool!
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