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#1 TM Bundle - M38 Jeep (G740) CDN OM 9-804 Canadian Operator Manual for M38 (G740) CH-8012  Changes to TM 9-8012 (M38/G740)
Exactly the information you need to restore or maintain & operate an M38 Jeep. Canadian Army Operator Manual for M38. Includes some maintenance items. Completely different from TM 9-8012. Changes to TM 9-8012.  8 pages.
LO 9-8012 Lubrication Order for M38 (G740) M38 & M38A1 Radio Install Plans for Most Common Applications M38 Gasoline 978 Series Personnel Heater
Lubrication order for M38, laminated M38 & M38A1 Radio Install Plans for Most Common Applications

Large legal size with templates.

66 pages
Gasoline Personnel Heater for G740, 978 Series.  8 pages
ORD 7 G740 Spare Parts and Equipment Listing for M38 (G740) ORD 9 G740 Abridged Illustrated Parts Manual for M38 (G740) ORD 9 G740 Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for M38 (G740)
Final basic parts & equipment manual for G740 (M38), 1956 Edition. Includes spare parts, tools, etc.

88 pages
Illustrated Parts Manual for G740 (M38).  Economy (abridged) version.  Indices are omitted and 2 are on 1 page. M38 Illustrated Parts Manual, complete
Service Manual for Carter Y-S 637S used on M38 (G740) and YS-950S used on M38A1 (G758) TB 9-2355-3 Installation & Operating Instructions for M38 Power Plant Heater (G740) TB 9-2855-2 Installation & Operating Instructions for M38 Gasoline Personnel Heater (G740)
We have taken all of the relevant sections from TM 9-1826A covering rebuild and maintenance on Carter Carburetors to prepare a service manual for the WO 637S used in the M38 jeep (G740).

This manual contains all of the information you will need to understand the function of your M38 carburetor, disassemble, service and tune it for optimal performance. There are excellent drawings, photographs and parts listings.

The YS-950S carburetor found on the M38A1 (G758) is very similar to the WO 637S and since the Army did not, to our knowledge, update TM 9-1826A to cover the YS-950S, this manual should be used to rebuild a YS-950Salong with the 2 page Carter Supplement found here.

32 pages.

Power Plant Heater for G740 (M38).  Engine pre-heat.  46 pages TB-9-2855-2 Gasoline Personnel Heater for G740 (M38), made by South Wind. 43 pages
TB 9-2855-37 Installation & Operating Instructions for M38 Hot Water Personnel Heater (G740) TB 9-2855-4 Installation Instructions for M38 Hard Top Kit (G740) TB ORD 659 Troubleshooting M Series Fuel Gauges
Hot Water Personnel Heater for G740 (M38).  22 pages. Installation Instructions for the M38 Hard Top Kit for G740 (M38).

Dated October 27, 1952
TB ORD 659 Troubleshooting M Series Fuel Gauges - nice little pamphlet.
TM 9-1804A Rebuild Manual for M38 Engine and Clutch (G740) TM 9-1804B Rebuild Manual, Willys M38 Power Train, Body and Frame TM 9-8012 Operator & Maintenance for M38
TM 9-1804A Rebuild Manual for Engine & Clutch, M38,

Official US Army technical manual to rebuild engine & clutch of M38 jeep motor.

140 pages, softbound
TM 9-1804B Rebuild Manual for Power Train, Body & Frame, 1/4 Ton Utility Truck, M38, G740. July 1952 Edition.

High quality, bound reproduction of the body & frame rebuild manual for the M38. Excellent quality.

Format: Softcover, 202 pages
This is a high quality, professionally printed and bound reproduction of the final January 1956 Edition of the M38 Operator Manual.E excellent pictures and diagrams, just like the originals.
TM 9-804 Operator and Repair Manual for M38 (early publication) TM-9-2920-209-35 TM-9-2920-210-34
Price: $10.00
Price: $10.00
Operator & Maintenance for G740 (Willys M38 1/4 Ton Jeep). Replaced by TM-9-8012. TM-9-2920-215-35 Autolite Generator, GHA-4802 VT, Numerous M series including M38 and M38A1 & M422. 35 pages
TM-9-2920-215-35 Autolite Generator & Regulator, VBC-4003UBT used on numerous M series including M38 and M38A1 & M422. 30 pages
Truck Utility: 1/4 Ton, 4x4 G740.  M38 Reference Guide by Ryan Miller
The only M38 Restoration Guide - out of print, but New Edition coming soon!
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