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Bundle - M38A1 Jeep Change 1 to TM 9-8015-2, M38A1 Power Train, Body and Frame M38A1 / M170 Equipment Serviceability Criteria
Bundle - M38A1 Jeep
Price: $119.00
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Change 1 to TM 9-8015-2, M38A1 Power Train, Body and Frame

Power Train, Body and Frame Manual Supplement to TM 9-8015-2.

34 pages
Equipment Serviceability Criteria, M170 Ambulance
M38A1 / M170 Hot Water Personnel Heater M38A1 24v Gasoline Heater Installation M38A1 A-Frame Installation
Hot Water Personnel Heater for M38A1 & M170 Ambulance (G758) Installation Instructions for 24V gasoline personnel heater. 10 pages including parts listing & diagram Technical Bulletin covering A-frame Installation, illustrated. 17 pages
M38A1 Engine and Clutch Supplement M38A1 Lubrication Order M38A1 Operator Supplement
Supplement to TM 9-8015-1, 3 pages Lubrication Order for M38A1 (G758), varnished Change to TM 9-8014, 44 pages
M38A1 Parts List by Willys-Overland Motors Inc. M38A1 Time Schedule Guide ORD 7 G758: M38A1 Basic Parts, Tools and Equipment Manual
M38A1 Jeep Military Parts List by Willys-Overland Motors Inc.  1962 edition. 116 pages Service Bulletin: Time Schedule Guide for M38A1 Repair. Includes Ch. 1. 25 pages ORD 7 G758 Basic Parts, Tools & Equipment for the M38A1. This is mostly textual listings with very few pictures. Useful for knowing all of special kits that were available for the vehicle. High quality reproduction with few, but excellent pictures.

The ORD 9 series is the complete illustrated manual for the M38A1.

Format: Saddle stiched.
Pages: 78
ORD 9 G758 M38A1 Illustrated Parts Manual TM 9-1000-209-12 Operator & Organizational Maintenance Manual for XM28 & XM29 (M38A1 & M151) TM 9-2320-208-20P:  M38A1 Parts Manual
ORD 9 G758. Illustrated Parts Complete, G758, M38A1 jeep.

This is a high quality, bound reproduction of the September 24, 1956 edition of the M38A1 complete illustrated parts manual.

Scanned, digitally enhanced and the printed on archival stock. Excellent photos throughout.

Format: Soft cover
450 pages.
Operator and Organizational Maintenance Manual: Weapon System, Atomic, Battle Group, M28 (XM28) (Lightweight) (Portable and Vehicle-Mounted) and Weapon System, Atomic, Battle Group, M29 (XM29) (Heavy) (Vehicle-Mounted).

Everything you wanted to know about "Atomic Annie".

250 pages

TM 9-2320-208-20P Basic Parts, Illustrated for G758.

This manual is a "modern" series manual which covers parts used in routine maintenance of the M38A1. In order to have a comprehensive parts listing using these modern manuals, you also need to purchase TM 9-2320-208-34P (not included).

143 pages
TM 9-2320-208-34P  M38A1 Rebuild Parts Manual TM 9-8014 Operator Manual G758, M38A1 TM 9-8015-1 M38A1 Engine and Clutch Manual (G758)
TM 9-2320-208-34P Rebuild Parts for G758 (M38A1),

This is a "modern" US Army parts manual and contains parts listing for depot level or "rebuild" maintenance operations. This manual with TM 9-2320-208-20P (not included) make up the complete (modern) illustrated parts listing for an M38A1.

Format: Softbound
Pages: 181
TM 9-8014 Operator & Maintenance, G758, "M38A1" April 1955 Edition.

Covers operation and routine maintenance. Beautiful pictures and crisp, clear text, just like the original.

Format: Softbound, 390 pages
TM 9-8015-1 Rebuild: Engine & Clutch M38A1, w/ supplement. March 1954 Edition.

High quality, bound reproduction of rebuild manual for the engine & clutch on the Willys M38A1. Excellent.

Format: Softbound, 185 pages
TM 9-8015-2 M38A1 Power Train, Body and Frame Manual (G758)
TM 9-8015-2/TO 19-75CAJ-5 Rebuild: Power train, body & frame for 1/4 ton, 4x4 Utility Truck M38A1. August 2, 1954 Edition

Comprehensive instructions on how to rebuild everything on your M38A1 but the motor.

18 chapters covering: troubleshooting, removal of major components, transmission, transfer case, propeller shafts (drive shafts), front axle, rear axle, brake system, springs and shock absorbers, steering system, body, hood and fenders, radiator, frame, wheels and hubs and more.

High quality printing, excellent photographs and bound.

Format: Softbound
Pages: 311
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