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#1 Restorer's Bundle - M29 & M29C Studebaker "Weasel" G179 Change 1 to TM 9-772 Operator Manual (Studebaker Weasel G179) LO 9-772 Lube Order for Studebaker Weasel M28 & M29
All the information you need to restore & operate a Studebaker Weasel.
Change No. 1 to TM 9-772 LO 9-772 Lubrication Order for M29 Weasel
ORD 789 G154/179 Weasel Illustrated Parts Manual (Studebaker T24, M28, M29) ORD 9 G179 Weasel Parts Manual (Studebaker M29 & M29C) Studebaker M29 Weasel by Jeff Woods - ISO Military Vehicle Series
ORD 789 G154/179 covering both the M28 and M29 Weasel (1944 Edition) Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for M29 & M29C Weasel (1953 Edition) Long Out of Print & Limited Quantities!

Excellent brief history of the development of the M29 Weasel.

48 pages
Studebaker: Driving Controls & Operation of M29 Weasel TM 11-2733 Radio Installation for Studebaker Weasel TM 9-1772 Rebuild Manual for WW2 Studebaker Weasel
Nifty little pamphlet prepared by Studebaker for operator's of their famous WWII "Weasel" Proper radio installation in all versions of Weasel.
TM9-1772 - Repair & Rebuild, M29 & M29C (1947 Edition)
TM 9-1893A Engine Rebuild Manual (Studebaker T-15 Weasel) TM 9-1893B Rebuild Manual Power Train, Suspension, Hull, and Electrical for Studebaker Weasel (T15) TM 9-772 Operator Manual (Studebaker Weasel M28, M29, G179) 1945 Edition
TM 9-1893A Ordnance Maintenance: Engine, Engine Accessories, and Clutch M28 (T15).

This manual applies to the early T-15 series of tandem seat Weasels.

Dated September 14, 1943. 149 pages.
TM 9-1893B Ordnance Maintenance: Power Train, Suspension System, Hull, and Hull Electrical System for Cargo Carrier M28 (T15).

This manual applies to the early tandem seating T-15 Weasel.

Dated August 25, 1943.
197 pages
TM 9-772, Operator & Maintenance for the M29 and M29C Weasel (1945)
TM 9-772 Studebaker Weasel Operator Manual (M28, M29, G179) 1944 Edition TM 9-893 Operator Manual for Studebaker Weasel T-15/T-24 (G154)
TM 9-772 Operator & Maintenance M29 Weasel (1944 Edition) Operator & Repair. Studebaker T15/T24 Weasel. Dated February 5, 1943.

233 pages. (G154)
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