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#1 Restorer's Bundle - M561 Gama Goat Gama Goat Engine Manual Gama Goat Lubrication Order
Everything you need to operate, maintain and restore the weirdly charming Gamma Goat. Hearing protection is recommended, but not provided.
TM 9-2815-214-34 Engine Rebuild Manual Lubrication Order.  M561 & M792 "Gama Goat".  Varnished
Gama Goat Maintenance Manual Gama Goat Operation and Preventative Maintenance Gama Goat Operator's Manual
"Gama Goat" Maintenance Manual.  M561 & M792. 480 pages. DA Pamphlet 750-31.  Staff of U.S. Army PS Magazine.  40 pages. Operator Manual for M561 & M792 "Gama Goat" 1 1/4 Ton Truck.  1970 Edition in 8x10 fomat.
Gama Goat Operator's Manual Gama Goat Parts Manual (1977) Gama Goat Rebuild Manual
Operator Manual for M561 & M792 "Gama Goat" 1 1/4 Ton Truck.  1977 Edition in 6x9 format. Basic Illustrated Parts for M561 & M792 "Gama Goat".  1977 Edition. Rebuild Manual.  M561 & M792.  300 pages.
Gama Goat Rebuild Parts Manual TM 9-2320-242-20P Gamma Goat Parts Manual (1971)
Rebuild Parts Manual. M561 & M792 "Gama Goat".  633 pages. Basic Illustrated Parts. M561 & M792 "Gama Goat".  1970 Edition.
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