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"Mighty Mite" M422/M422A1 Owner's Bundle Change 1 to TM 9-2320-225-20 M422 Maintenance Supplement LO 9-2320-225-12 Lubrication Order for M422 / M422A1 Mighty Mite
All the manuals you need if you own the ever cool aluminum "mighty-mite"
Change 1 to TM 9-2320-225-20. Corrections & Revisions.

83 pages
Lubrication Chart for the M422, M422A1 "Mighty Mite"
SL-4-00882 (1960) M422 Only Illustrated Parts Manual for Mighty Mite SL-4-00882A M422 / M422A1 Illustrated Parts Manual for Mighty Mite TM 9-2805-217-35 Engine Rebuild Manual for Mighty Mite M422 / M422A1
Complete illustrated parts manual, "Mighty Mite", 1960 Edition, M422 only, used by some dealers (386 pages) Full and complete illustrated parts manual for series M422, M422A1, "Mighty Mite", 1967 Edition, (299 pages) TM 9-2805-217-35 Rebuild: Engine, M422/M422A1, includes the all-important "Change One",

151 pages, stapled just like original
TM-9-2320-225-10 M422 / M422A1 Operator Manual (Mighty Mite) TM-9-2320-225-20 M422 / M422A1 Maintenance Manual for Mighty Mite TM-9-2320-225-35 M422 Power Train, Suspension, Brakes, Steering and Body Manual
TM 9-2320-225-10 Operator Manual (M422, M422A1) "Mighty Mite"

66 pages
TM-9-2320-225-20 Maintenance Complete (M422, M422A1) "Mighty Mite", including Change 1 (192 pages) TM-9-2320-225-35 Maintenance of Power Train, Suspension, brakes, steering gear & body components, including Change 1 (99 pages)
TM-9-2520-237-35 M422 Transmission Rebuild Manual for Mighty Mite TM-9-2520-242-35 M422 Differential Rebuild Manual TM-9-2910-208-35 Rebuild Manual for M422 Carburetor (Holley) Mighty Mite
TM-9-2520-237-35 Rebuild Manual for Transmission and transfer case, includes change one (84 pages) TM-9-2520-242-35 Differential Maintenance Manual: Spicer differential with Change 1 TM-9-2910-208-35 Rebuild: Holly Carburetor (19 pages)
TM-9-2910-209-35 Fuel Pump Rebuild for M422 "Mighty Mite" TM-9-2920-209-35 TM-9-2920-210-34
Price: $10.00
Price: $10.00
Technical Manual to rebuild AC Series EP fuel pump for M422 "Mighty Mite".

20 pages
Saddle stitched.
TM-9-2920-215-35 Autolite Generator, GHA-4802 VT, Numerous M series including M38 and M38A1 & M422. 35 pages
TM-9-2920-215-35 Autolite Generator & Regulator, VBC-4003UBT used on numerous M series including M38 and M38A1 & M422. 30 pages
TM-9-2920-215-35 TM-9-2920-216-35 M422 Rebuild Manual for Mighty Mite Distributor
Price: $10.00
TM-9-2920-215-35 Autolite Starter MCZ-4001-UT Maintenance for starter used on M38 and M38A1 & M422. 30 pages
TM-9-2920-216-35 Distributor Maintenance & Rebuild.  30 pages
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