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Bundle M715/M725 Kaiser Jeep CH-244-10 Operator Supplement for M715/M725 "Kaiser Jeep" Change 1 to TM 9-2320-244-24 for Kaiser Jeep, M715/M725
The M715 Series of "Kaiser Jeeps" have a confusing set of options when it comes to selecting manuals. We own them all, have looked at them and have selected the best of the bunch. Click and buy!
Change 1 to TM 9-2320-244-10, dated September 5, 1973

23 pages on 12.
Change 1 to TM 9-2320-244-24 dated June 1967.

This is an important supplement to the Kaiser prepared maintenance and rebuild manual for the M715 Series of "Kaiser Jeeps", including the M725 Ambulance and all variants. This supplement includes ambulance body and special purpose kits for the vehicle, including personnel heaters, artic heaters and more.

70 pages.
Change 2 to TM 9-2320-244-34P Illustrated Parts M715/M725 Changes to TM 9-2320-244-20, 20P & 34 Maintenance Supplement M715, M725 LO 9-2320-244-12 Lube Order
Change 2 TM 9-2320-244-34P Illustrated Parts dated April 19, 1974.

If your parts manual doesn't show the M715 part you are finding on your vehicle, it may be in this change!

103 pages
Supplement to TM 9-2320-244-20.

Includes changes to -20P & -34. 20 pages.
Lubrication Order for M715, M724, M725, M726 1 1/4 Ton Kaiser jeep.  Laminated
NAVWEPS 19-25-127 Operator Manual NAVWEPS 19-25-128 Service Manual PS Magazine Article "Be Your Own Inspector M715 Kaiser Jeep"
Operator's Manual for M676 Series Forward Control Kaiser Jeep Service Manual for Diesel Powered, M676 Series of Forward Control, Kaiser Jeeps used by the US Navy.

May 1964 Edition

180 pages

Be Your Own Inspector for the M715. Helpful tips on operating your Kaiser Jeep.

From PS Magazine.
TB 9-2320-244-20 Time Schedule TM 9-2320-244-10 Cover Image TM 9-2320-244-20 Maintenance Manual M715/M725 "Kaiser Jeep"
Time Schedule Guide for M715/M725 Series of 1 1/4 Ton 4x4 Trucks also known as "Kaiser Jeeps". The Time Schedule Guide is a guide to estimated repair times for maintenance items on these vehicles.

14 pages
This is the genuine article, NOS. They are in excellent condition. If you want a "new" manual to go with your factory class Kaiser Keep M715, M725/726 restoration, this is a great opportunity and quantities are very limited.

Format: Softcover, 23 page
TM 9-2320-244-20 Ordnance Maintenance Manual for M715 1 1/4 Ton Truck (Kaiser Jeep).

Official US Army "basic" maintenance manual for the M715 series of 5/4 trucks.

August 1971 Edition
186 pages, softbound

TM 9-2320-244-20P Parts Manual for M715, M725/726 Kaiser Jeep TM 9-2320-244-24 Maintenance Manual for Kaiser Jeep, M715, M725/726 TM 9-2320-244-24P Illustrated Parts Manual for M715/M725/M726 Kaiser Jeep
TM 9-2320-244-20P Illustrated Parts, M715, M724, M725, M726 1 1/4 Ton Kaiser Jeep.

November 1971 edition
350 pages
TM 9-2320-244-24 Maintenance Manual by Kaiser, M715, M724, M725, M726 1 1/4 Ton Kaiser Jeep.

December 1967
230 pages, tape bound

This manual was produced by Kaiser for the US Army and combines the "basic" maintenance manual (TM 9-2320-244-20) with the "rebuild" maintenance manual (TM 9-2320-244-34) into one comprehensive manual.

We recommend this manual in lieu of purchasing the other two mentioned above.

** This is the ONLY M715 Manual with a good wiring diagram.
TM 9-2320-244-24P Illustrated Parts Manual by Kaiser (with Change 1), M715, M724, M725, M726 1 1/4 Ton Kaiser Jeep.

January 1967 Edition.

This manual was prepared by Kaiser for the US Army and replaces both the TM 9-2320-244-20P and TM 9-2320-244-34P. More concise than the other manuals with excellent information.

153 pages

Cover is scan of original and is discolored. Product will have clean cover.
TM 9-2320-244-34 Rebuild Manual for M715/M725/M726 Kaiser Jeep TM 9-2320-244-34P Rebuild Parts Manual for M715/M725/M726 Kaiser Jeep TM 9-2320-244-ESC Equipment Serviceability Criteria
TM 9-2320-244-34 Rebuild Manual, M715, M724, M725, M726 1 1/4 Ton Kaiser Jeep.

October 1971 Edition

226 pages, softbound.

Official US Army "Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual" for the Kaiser Jeep/M715 series of 1 1/4 ton vehicles. We refer to these manuals as "rebuild" manuals because they cover a much deeper level of maintenance than those covered by the -20 series.
TM 9-2320-244-34P Illustrated Rebuild Parts Manual, M715, M724, M725, M726 1 1/4 Ton Kaiser Jeep.

November 1971 Edition
489 pages

Official US Army illustrated parts catalog for "depot" level of maintenance on the Kaiser Jeep. We call these a rebuild parts manual because it has greater detail than the TM 9-2320-244-20P.
Equipment Serviceability Criteria for M715
TM-5-4940-221-15 Operator and Repair Manual TM-5-4940-221-20P Parts Manual W-1202 Parts Listing for M715, M725, M726 Kaiser Jeep
Operator & Repair for M715 equipped with Stewart Aironics MDL 6217.  Includes oversize wiring diagram and 25 pages of changes. 176 pages. Shop Equipment, Contact Maintenance, Truck Mounted.  Parts for Stewarart Aironics MDL 6217.  110 pages. Illustrated Parts List for M715 and M725 1 1/4 Ton 4x4 "Kaiser Jeep".

This is a Kaiser produced illustrated parts listing for the Kaiser Jeep. Not an official US Army publication, but well illustrated and useful.
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