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Operator and Service Instruction OP-CR53  for Crane, Hydraulic, Truck-Mounted.  Installed on Wreckers M60, M62 & M108 (G742, G744) TM 9-2320-260-20 Basic Maintenance for 5 Ton M809 Series 6x6 Truck (G908). Bundle - M38A1 Jeep
Bundle - M38A1 Jeep
Price: $119.00
Nice Austin Western manual for operation and maintenance of crane installed on M35 & M54 series of 6x6 trucks.
Built by AM General, Cummins Diesel includes Chassis M809, M810, M811, M812 Cargo Series M813 & M814 Series.  Other M numbers for other Body Types.  571 pages. One click and you have every bit of information at your fingertips - M38A1 Tech Library
Bundle - M939 Series of 5 ton 6x6 Trucks
Monster bundle for M939 series of 5 ton trucks