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Studebaker Weasel Studebaker Weasel Change 1 to TM 9-772 Operator Manual (Studebaker Weasel G179)
A complete tech manual library for the T24/M29/M29C Studebaker Weasel
A complete tech manual library for the T24/M29/M29C Studebaker Weasel
Change No. 1 to TM 9-772

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LO 9-772 Lube Order for Studebaker Weasel M28 & M29 ORD 789 G154/179 Weasel Illustrated Parts Manual (Studebaker T24, M28, M29) ORD 9 G179 Weasel Parts Manual (Studebaker M29 & M29C)
LO 9-772 Lubrication Order for M29 Weasel ORD 789 G154/179 covering both the M28 and M29 Weasel (1944 Edition) Complete Illustrated Parts Manual for M29 & M29C Weasel (1953 Edition)
Studebaker M29 Weasel by Jeff Woods - ISO Military Vehicle Series Studebaker: Driving Controls & Operation of M29 Weasel TB ORD 130 All Half-Track and Full-track Laying Vehicles: Instructions for Tracks & Bogies
Long Out of Print & Limited Quantities!

Excellent brief history of the development of the M29 Weasel.

48 pages
Nifty little pamphlet prepared by Studebaker for operator's of their famous WWII "Weasel" June, 1951 edition. Final edition for G503. 99 pages.
TM 11-2733 Radio Installation for Studebaker Weasel TM 9-1772 Rebuild Manual for WW2 Studebaker Weasel TM 9-1893A Engine Rebuild Manual (Studebaker T-15 Weasel)
Proper radio installation in all versions of Weasel.
TM9-1772 - Repair & Rebuild, M29 & M29C (1947 Edition) TM 9-1893A Ordnance Maintenance: Engine, Engine Accessories, and Clutch M28 (T15).

This manual applies to the early T-15 series of tandem seat Weasels.

Dated September 14, 1943. 149 pages.
TM 9-1893B Rebuild Manual Power Train, Suspension, Hull, and Electrical for Studebaker Weasel (T15) TM 9-772 Operator Manual (Studebaker Weasel M28, M29, G179) 1945 Edition TM 9-772 Studebaker Weasel Operator Manual (M28, M29, G179) 1944 Edition
TM 9-1893B Ordnance Maintenance: Power Train, Suspension System, Hull, and Hull Electrical System for Cargo Carrier M28 (T15).

This manual applies to the early tandem seating T-15 Weasel.

Dated August 25, 1943.
197 pages
TM 9-772, Operator & Maintenance for the M29 and M29C Weasel (1945) TM 9-772 Operator & Maintenance M29 Weasel (1944 Edition)
TM 9-893 Operator Manual for Studebaker Weasel T-15/T-24 (G154)
Operator & Repair. Studebaker T15/T24 Weasel. Dated February 5, 1943.

233 pages. (G154)
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