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MWO G741-W7 Spare Wheel Carrier (M37 G741) TM 9-1840C: Dodge M37 3/4 Ton History by John H. Zentmyer TM 9-2320-212-10 Operator Manual
MWO ORD G741-W7 3/4 Ton 4x4 Cargo Truck M37: Relocating Spare Wheel Carrier

Instructions for installing a "swing-type spare wheel carrier integral with the cab left door."

13 pages.
Facts, figures, photos, serial numbers, 1949-1968. U.S. and Canadian Dodge M37. Operator's Manual for Dodge M37 (G741). This is the genuine article, NOS, November 30, 1973 printing.

They are in generally excellent condition.

If you want a "new" manual to go with your factory class Dodge M37 / G741 restoration, this is a great opportunity. Quantities are very limited.

Format: Softcover, 77 pages.
TM 9-3830-206-34P TM 9-3830-206-34P Illustrated Parts for Garwood Winch Assembly used in modern 2 1/2 ton & 5 ton trucks Braden Winches Models LU-4 for M37 (G741) & M715 TM 9-1840A Engine & Clutch Manual for Dodge M37 Series (G741)
TM 9-3830-206-34P Illustrated Parts for Garwood Winch Assembly: HG-W2868D and 2590-402-5200 w/cable level winder assembly.

Winch commonly found in 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton series trucks of the 60's, 70's and 80's, including. M35, 800 Series, 900 Series, etc.
Excerpts from various technical manuals covering the operation, maintenance and repair of the Braden LU-4 series of winches used in the Dodge M37 and Kaiser M715 series of vehicles.
TM 9-1840A Rebuild: Engine & Clutch, G741, Dodge M37 Series 3/4 Ton Truck.

This manual covers engine related troubleshooting, maintenance and rebuild.

Detailed instructions on engine rebuild, including all machining specifications. Also includes detail on rebuilding oil and water pumps, throttle linkage, oil filter and related assembly. Finally, includes detail on engine assembly, installation of accessories, run in procedures and final installation.

134 pages, soft bound.
TM 9-8031-2 Rebuild Manual for Power Train, Body & Frame, M37 (G741) #1 Restorer's Manual Bundle - M37
Rebuild Manual for Power Train, Body & Frame for Dodge M37 (G741).

549 pages, perfect bound
What you need to own, operate & restore a Dodge M37